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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

Nazul land and the Indian constitution: A legal perspective in relation to state of Punjab

Author(s): Dr. Rajdeep Singh and Harjeet Singh

Abstract: Land is a free gift of the Nature bestowed upon human being for his survival on the Planet Earth. It is a universal phenomenon that all the land of a country either belong to its sovereign/monarch/king or to the government of the day. The origin and growth of human civilization could reveal that the concept of land reforms is an age old concept and still in existence in spite of manifold changes occurred in the socio-economic, political, cultural and global way of life. The study of land and its classification is an important and fundamental aspect in democratic countries like India where achievement of a socialistic pattern of society, social welfare, and equal distribution of wealth and equitable distribution of natural resources is the basic goal and objective of the constitution of India. Nazul Land is the escheated land/property which generally belong to the government and is regulated through the Acts or Rules made by the respective government in the states of India. In pursuance of its land reform policy, the state of Punjab provided Nazul land to the landless families of scheduled castes to fulfill the objective of social justice as enshrined in the preamble and directive principles of state policy of the constitution of India.

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Dr. Rajdeep Singh, Harjeet Singh. Nazul land and the Indian constitution: A legal perspective in relation to state of Punjab. Int J Civ Law Legal Res 2023;3(1):30-34.
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