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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

Legal and ethical conundrum posed by artificial intelligence

Author(s): Abhimanyu Sharma and Jyoti Rani

Abstract: Just imagine the surprise expression of a 1950s time traveler visiting the present. Our guests may be surprise with the Immediate access to seemingly all privacy information, Personal global communication via voice, text and images, Computer-based decisions and recommendations, whether in the form of immediate stock trading, recommended medical diagnosis, or release from criminal cases., Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin implemented by block chain, decentralized and decentralized electronic ledgers maintained and instantly updated by all users., Electronic commerce. This is heavily influenced by what computer anticipates and persuades consumers to buy, Robot manufacturing; There are various sorts of moderately and soon fully independent conscience cars. As we are experiencing today, Information Technology (IT) applications have made a revolutionarily influence on people’s day to day life. IT has applied on everywhere possible to bring the easiness and efficiency to the process. In that case, lots of industries tend to use IT-based tools, applications, software to improve their performance and quality. When considering the commonly used technologies in many fields, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most frequent.

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Abhimanyu Sharma, Jyoti Rani. Legal and ethical conundrum posed by artificial intelligence. Int J Civ Law Legal Res 2023;3(1):18-23.
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