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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

The protection of digital works under the Nigerian copyright law

Author(s): Mary Imelda Obianuju Nwogu

Abstract: Scientific and technological innovations have brought changes in the world order affecting all aspects of the human economy and the legal systems. The wealth of any nation is largely hinged on the creativity of its citizens. This intellectual creativity needs to be protected by law so that one will reap from the fruit of his labour. Inclusive in the intellectual creativity that needs protection is the digital Copyright works. The provisions of the Nigerian Copyright Act [ ] inadequately protects digital works in the country. The digital works protected are satellite and cable broadcast, and computer software. The owner of copyright in satellite or cable broadcast shall have the exclusive right to record and broadcast, communicate to the public and distribute to the public for commercial purposes. While computer software is protected as literary work, all rights that inure to literary works also applies to computer software. The protection of digital works are flout with challenges including inadequate legislation. Consequently it is recommended that adequate and separate legislation should be enacted to accommodate the inadequacies of the Copyright Act; introduction of technology to prevent piracy, public enlightenment and provision of adequate enforcement mechanism.

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Mary Imelda Obianuju Nwogu. The protection of digital works under the Nigerian copyright law. Int J Civ Law Legal Res 2022;2(1):80-84.
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