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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Irregular migrants and human right protection under international law: A critical analysis

Author(s): Nana Charles Nguindip, Fon Fielding Forsuh and Kwei Haliday Nyingchia

Abstract: Issues of movement of persons have always experienced abnormalities as it becomes the responsibility of States to protect only those who have decided to move to another country legally. The 1951 Refugee Convention in cognisance with other human right instruments ensures that only those who possess a legal should be accorded protection. The situation becomes a complex one when dealing with those under an irregular situation as rendering protection to this category of persons continues to be questionable. The fundamental question raised here is in determining whether irregular migrants can still benefit from the available human rights protection provided by international law irrespective of their irregular position? In providing a response to the above problematic, it will necessary to have a critical analysis of human dispositions when dealing with irregular migrants, and how violations will affect them. With all these complexities affecting this category of persons in international, providing protection continue to be a decayed and sour ground even though irregular migrant even in their irregular position needs minimum protection on their fundamental human right by those states they are taking residency.

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Nana Charles Nguindip, Fon Fielding Forsuh, Kwei Haliday Nyingchia. Irregular migrants and human right protection under international law: A critical analysis. Int J Civ Law Legal Res 2022;2(1):23-31.
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