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2021, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Part A

Sustainability and labour laws: A mutually benefitting paradigm

Author(s): Bablu Kumar Sharma and Kirandeep Kaur

Abstract: A simple explanation of sustainability may be found in the “United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development's definition, which states that it is a type of development that meets the requirements of the present without jeopardising future generations' ability to fulfil their own needs. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals have pushed for this (SDGs).” The concepts of labour rules and rights are unavoidable. It tries to achieve a variety of goals, including reducing industrial conflicts and safeguarding workers from exploitation, among others. Sustainable development is a viable solution to a variety of global problems. It has resulted in progress in a variety of fields at the same time. Economic, social, and environmental factors all play a role in long-term development. These pillars contribute to its ability to find applications in a variety of fields. This research paper will largely focus on the subject of whether or not this includes labour legislation. The goal of this study article is to see if these two major branches can mutually benefit from each other's growth. It will examine whether sustainable development as a new paradigm for labour law is both practicable and feasible. It will examine the changes that can be made to labour laws to ensure that they are sufficiently aligned with and promote the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as how sustainability can be used to address a variety of issues in labour laws, such as resolving the profound contradiction of gender and wage inequalities, promoting corporate social responsibility, and maintaining solidarity and equality of opportunity in current and emerging work situations. As a result, this article will attempt to strike a balance between the principles of human rights, decent employment, and economic growth to create an environment that achieves the ideal balance. For the connivance of study doctrinal research methodology has been taken into the consideration.

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International Journal of Civil Law and Legal Research
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Bablu Kumar Sharma, Kirandeep Kaur. Sustainability and labour laws: A mutually benefitting paradigm. Int J Civ Law Legal Res 2021;1(2):48-52.
International Journal of Civil Law and Legal Research

International Journal of Civil Law and Legal Research

International Journal of Civil Law and Legal Research
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